Undergraduate admission requirements:

Associate of Sciences (A.S) and Bachelor of Sciences (B.S) Degree programmes

Applicants planning to continue their studies in the University must:

*  hold a High School Diploma
*  successfully pass the National University Entrance Examination administered annually by the    Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology  

 TUOMS has two B.S. Degree programmes:

a: Bachelor of Science (B.S.) with the admission requirements mentioned above, without a prior Associate of Science (AS) degree

b: Bachelor of Science (B.S.) with a prior Associate of Science (AS) degree. Candidates must hold an AS degree and meet the above-mentioned admission conditions.   

 Postgraduate admission requirements

 A. Master of Science (M.S)

Candidates must:
hold a Bachelor of Science degree in a related field
 successfully pass the National Entrance Examination administered annually by the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education. Students are also accepted by the Iranian Ministry of Sciences, Research and Technology to pursue postgraduate studies in some subjects. 

B. Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D)

Candidates must:

hold a Masters of Science Degree in a related field  successfully pass the written and oral examination administered by the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

Postgraduate students are normally attached to individual departments, but research activities are often of an interdisciplinary nature.

 Requirements for professional degrees:

- Doctor of Medicine (M.D)
- Doctor of Dentistry (MSD)      
- Speciality Programme                                     
- Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D)   
- Subspeciality and Fellowship programmes

Admission requirements for these degree programmes are explained in the section devoted to the related faculties.

Specialised courses are open to those medicine graduates who hold a Doctor of Medicine degree from TUOMS or any other university registered with the Iranian Medical Council (IMC). 

 Admission for International Students

Foreign students who wish to enrol at Tabriz University of Medical Sciences must satisfy the same admission requirements as Iranian students. Once accepted, TUOMS provides overseas students with all the facilities and services required to ensure a rewarding academic and social experience. Credentials issued by foreign institutions must be endorsed by the appropriate Iranian authorities before they are considered by the University.  For admission, foreign students must contact the Ministry of Health (which provides all necessary information about rules and regulations) at the following address:

Office of Deputy Minister for Education

Ministry of Health and Medical Education

Education Bldg. No. 1, Vesal Shirazi Ave.  

Tehran, Iran