Anatomical Sciences

The department’s Faculty members participate in the undergraduate programme by teaching Anatomy, Histology and Embryology and in the graduate programmes by directly supervising graduate students, the department also offers graduate programmes leading to M.S and Ph.D degrees.

 Divisions of the department:

Anatomy, Histology and Embryology


Subject taught to students on following courses:

Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing & Midwifery, Rehabilitation, Laboratory Sciences, Biology, Nutrition


Educational laboratories: Laboratory for the preparation of tissue samples, animal house, anatomy halls (2), osteology hall, microscope hall

Research centres: Electromagnetic study unit, cell culture unit, electron-microscope unit   


The following is a brief description of research interests and research facilities in the department.

Teratology: In this field teratogenic effects of drugs, chemicals, environmental factors and their mechanisms of action are being investigated. Factors such as hypothermia, antibiotics, morphin and electromagnetic field and their effect on embryonic development have been investigated in our department.

·   Reprotoxicity: One of the well studied area in our department is investigating the adverse effects of environmental factors on male and female reproductive drugs. In this field, the effect of electromagnetic field (EMF) is widely investigated.

   Preimplantation studies: Any subject related to implantation such as  endometrial condition, quality of bastocyst , factors that promote implantation are another research interest in our department. In this field, the effect of ovulation-stimulating hormones on ultrastructural characteristics of endometrial epithelium in human is studied.

The department of Anatomical Sciences at Tabriz University of Medical Sciences houses the Electron Microscopy center. The mission of the EM unit is to promote and advance the science and practice of all microscopic imaging, useful for the ultra structural and function of diverse materials. The EM unit supports the research activities and training of investigators in the areas of biological and medical materials.

Future research: The department have got cell culture and histochemical facilities and planning to orient stem cell research and factor inducing stem cell differentiation. Apoptosis and apoptosis inducing factors is another field that will be studied.        

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