Date : 2018 Sunday 25 Feb     |     Code : 148

First "Iranian-German Research Cooperation Information Day" held in Tabriz

The first "Iranian-German research cooperation information day in Tabriz" was held with the collaboration of Tabriz University and Tabriz University of Medical Sciences on 24 Feb, 2018.


The background of the event was to help Iranian researchers to work together with their peers from Germany, and the main goal was to explain Iranian researchers how best to approach (potential) German partners and how such cooperation could be financed from Iranian and German sources.

Dr. Jörg Schneider, the head of the Division of International Affairs of the German Research Foundation (DFG), gave a general introduction into the complex German research system, so that participants could understand where they might find research partners. Further to this, colleagues from research organisations introduced their possibilities for cooperation and the representative of Iran National Science Foundation (INSF) contributed with a talk.

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