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The First Symposium of Introducing “NIDCAP Model for Northwest of Iran" Held at Al-Zahra Teaching Hospital of Tabriz


The first symposium of familiarity with “Newborn Individualized Developmental Care and Assessment program” (NIDCAP) of northwest and west region of the country was held by neonatology department of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences (TUOMS) on 26-27 October, 2017.
Dr. MohammadBagher Hosseini, neonatologist and associate professor of TUOMS was the executive secretary and Dr. Keyvan Mirnia was the scientific secretary of this conference. Dr. Hosseini announced that the main focus of the conference was studying the behavior of premature infants, sleep and clustering care, the effects of sound and light on premature infants, family-centered care and breastfeeding.
Theoretical discussion groups were held at the national public health management center (NPMC) of the university and bed side observations was in NICU of Al-Zahra teaching hospital in Tabriz. The program was sponsored by the UNICEF and neonatal health office of the ministry of health of Iran. In this program 70 participants including neonatologists, NICU head nurses and nursing staff from East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Kermanshah, Ardebil, Zanjan, Gilan, Isfahan, and Hamadan provinces learnt the principles of evolutionary health care.
The program was held with the participation of NIDCAP professionals and national trainers of developmental care from TUOMS (Dr. Hosseini, Dr. Mirnia, Ms. Samei and Ms. Nikzad) and Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (Dr. Razavi -neonatologist, and Ms. Pakroo).
Currently, there are 16 NIDCAP professionals in Iran who have been trained under the supervision of "NIDCAP Federation International" (NFI) master trainers. Four of these trainers are giving care services at Al-Zahra teaching hospital of Tabriz, and they play an important role as national trainers in training of other neonatologists and NICU nurses.
Dr. Hosseini also mentioned that "we have a Gantt chart for establishing all aspects of developmental care in our NICU step by step, and hopefully to change our unit to a NFI approved NICU".



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