In order to apply for any postgraduate course at TUOMS, fill out the Application Form and send it along with a scan of passport, photo, latest degree (high resolution & smaller than 100 KB) and CV (only for PhD applicants) to International Relations Office at (The capacity of student admission for MD in Medicine is full for both semesters of September 2018 and January 2019). The list of available courses and tutition fees is as follows:

               Accommodation & Insurance Fees:
                  - Shared rooms for single students: 4.500.000 IRR per month
                  - Suites for married students: 10.000.000 - 15.000.000 IRR per month
The insurance fee for each person per month: 537.778 IRR
          Meals Fee (Monthly):
                  - Meals fee for each person per month is 8.500.000 IRR
          Admission requirements are        
                     - Non-Iranian citizenship 
                  - Submitting formal and authentic degree of the previous course prior to the admission
    - No legal prohibition to study or reside in Iran 
      * Admission process is fully online needless of any recommendation letter.
      * The students who are not fluent in Persian or English will pass a Persian language course along with the main course.


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