Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Name: Dr. Mohammad Aghazadeh

Academic Position: Assistant Professor of Medical Microbiology


Tel: +98 41 333 63 766

Address and Contact Info: 1st Floor, No 2 Central Building, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, University Street, Tabriz, Iran


Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs provides the welfare and needed facilities for the students of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences. It is also responsible for giving cultural, sporting and counseling services to the students. The ultimate goal of the vice chancellor for student affairs is to pave the ground for the students to perfectly progress in their educational, cultural and social lives. The vice chancellor also makes use of three main units including the Bureau of Students, Cultural Management and Physical Education and Sports Management. In addition, the Office of Student Counseling, Student Disciplinary Committee, Public Relations, IT and Financial Affairs help the vice chancellor for student affairs fulfill its tasks and reach the defined objectives.


Management of Student Affairs

The office of student affairs is a sub branch of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs of the Tabriz University of Medical Sciences. This office is responsible for scheduling, monitoring and tracking of students' welfare and living facilities such as food and dormitory. The office tries to preserve the students' rights and respect their personal characteristics like ethnical and cultural backgrounds. At the forefront of its activities, the office of student affairs makes an effort to collaborate with students in order to solve their welfare problems. In this respect, there are three main units including the Bureau of Dormitories, Bureau of Food & Nutrition, and the Bureau of Students' Welfare which closely cooperate with IT center, financial management, procurement and administrative affairs. The aim of all this continuous and constructive interaction between these units is to improve the final quality of services given to the students.


Goals & Objectives

        Careful supervision on the implementation of the activities of subordinate offices

        Implementation of the policies set by the Student Affairs

        Observing the articles of the Student Disciplinary Committee

        Providing utilities and motivating students to participate actively in the use of facilities

        Harmonizing welfare programs and student services to make them more useful

        Participation in seminars and conferences related to the Student Affairs Committee and giving corrective feedback to improve

         the quality of the coming programs

        Provision and monitoring of the students' food according to the existing statistics

        Devising a plan for monitoring and controlling the quality and quantity of the food served to the students

        Efforts to improve students' accommodation status

        Providing facilities for the students living in the dormitories


Cultural Management

This unit is responsible for the management of cultural needs of the students, staff and faculty members. There are several newly founded offices like: office for the support of elected students, office for Quranic activities, office of student associations, office of the publications and student associations, office for the cultural activities of the faculties, office of dormitories' cultural affairs, office of scientific visits and entertainment tours, office of advertising and festivals, and office of films and books. Major activities of the Cultural Management are as follows:

        Supporting student publications and associations

        Holding conferences and socio-cultural festivals and meetings

        Organizing student tours

        Organizing cultural and artistic events

        Organizing training classes

        Organizing national and religious celebrations and events


Office of Student Counseling

This office has been founded to meet the mental, spiritual and emotional needs of the students via giving psychological services and counseling comments. The ultimate goal of this office is to keep the students in the best psychological and social position possible. It also tries to stop those students who have got a sort of social and behavioral problem – such as an aggressive temper – from severe actions and abnormal habits. Some of the most important responsibilities of this office are as follows:

        Providing psychological services at three levels of prevention through individual and group counseling

        Screening for new students (MMPI, GHQ test, public health, etc.)

        Conducting research studies on common psychological problems

        Providing practical solutions to resolve the students' mental and social problems

        Planning and developing workshops to enhance the students' knowledge

        Counseling and psychological interviews to identify and investigate the problem; modification of emotional and behavioral

          abnormalities and behavioral intervention; individual and group counseling

        Planning educational programs to enhance the students' quality of life

        Providing plans to prevent the occurrence or exacerbation of mental and behavioral disorders at the university

        Continuous monitoring of the problems of students living in dorms and holding coordination meetings with the officials


Physical Education and Sports Management

Physical Education and Sports Management is a subcategory of the Vice Chancellor for Students' Affairs of the Tabriz University of Medical Sciences. The objectives of running this unit are:

        Helping to improve the quality of life and enhancing health, joy and capabilities of students

        Generalization of social justice and balanced development of sporting activities and programs

        Expanding sports culture among students to attain a healthy society

        Continuous support and monitoring of the activities of sports associations and its members

        Making arrangements for the preparation of students, staff and faculty members to achieve better results in sports

          competitions and Olympiads

        Providing facilities for sports development among the university students and staff


Bureau of Students' Welfare

This office is one of the sub branches of the student affairs management. It is a bridge between the university and Student Welfare Fund. The main tasks of this office are to provide such welfare services as:

  •  student loans (tuition loan; mortgage; emergency)

  •  grants to students in specific cases

  •  doing office jobs of the loans given to the students

  •  reminding students of their financial status

  •  student health insurance

  •  issuance of liquidation letter for the alumni


Bureau of Dormitories

As the second home of students, dormitories are of prime importance for mental relaxation of the students. Taking this notion into account, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences has provided a number of equipped and clean accommodation centers for non-local students. There are 2 accommodation complexes for gentlemen and 4 complexes for the ladies. Furthermore, there is a dormitory for the married students of the university. Currently, 950 males, 1500 females and 64 married students are living in the accommodation complexes owned by the university.


Bureau of Food & Nutrition

This department tries to provide and distribute healthy food and improve food safety and physical and mental health among the students. It is hoped that the efforts of this department can meet the needs of students and satisfy them with the quality of services. Students can freely supervise all the processes of food production, distribution and cooking. The Bureau of Food & Nutrition of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences is currently running 4 restaurants (central, dentistry, medicine, and nursing and midwifery) providing approximately 4,500 meals for lunch and 3500 meals for dinner and breakfast. Some of the duties of nutrition department include the following:

        Supplying the needed raw materials for cooking and distributing food

        Preparation of a monthly meal plan and uploading it in the University website

        Monitoring the purchase of materials, quality of food, and kitchen cleanliness

        Monitoring the restaurants and health status of kitchen staff

        Issuance of food card for the students

        Considering the suggestions and complaints of students about food

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