Vision & Mission


Tabriz University of Medical Sciences (TUOMS) as an academic and pioneering leader in the creation and use of knowledge is determined to share its contribution to ensure and promote public health status in the society. In line with the Islamic-Iranian model, TUOMS makes an effort to keep its valuable and prominent stance among national medical universities. Besides, the university tries hard to be among active medical universities in international level.


Tabriz University of Medical Sciences enjoys committed and knowledgeable personnel with religious teachings. Making use of this valuable source, the university's mission is to contribute in promoting the health status and improving the quality of life in the society. Ultimately, knowledge-based development has been defined as the main policy which should be considered in all the activities.

To achieve this aim, these programs are followed:

  •  training committed and qualified human resources in different medical groups based on Islamic-Iranian culture

  •   continuously enhancing the scientific capacities and skills related to the health system of employees and graduates

  •   participation in the development and promotion of mental and social health through "knowledge transfer" and publicizing the science

  •   creating new knowledge and technologies along with the application of research results and entrepreneurship in health-related fields

  •   improving the quality of life in accordance with Islamic-Iranian lifestyle

  •   supervision and participation in the policy-making process and providing optimal health care services at   all   levels,  with     
       emphasis on vulnerable groups of the society

  •   expansion and enrichment of religious culture, and providing services for physical and mental health of the medical students and staff

  •  developing ties with policy-making centers of healthcare system as well as collaborating with national and international Higher Education Institutes


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