Vice Chancellor for Treatment Affairs

Vice Chancellor for Treatment Affairs




Specialty: Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Tel: +98 333 56 820



Office of Supervision, Accreditation and Licensing

Dr. Vahid Ghorbanzadeh

Tel: +98 41 333 721 080

Address: 1st Floor, Vice Chancellor for Treatment, Building No. 4, Golgasht St., Azadi Avenue  

Zip Code: 51656-65931



Subunits of the Office of Supervision, Accreditation and Licensing

1.     Department of Supervising Diagnosis-Treatment Institutes

  •  Unit of Monitoring Medical Offices
  • Unit of Monitoring Medical Radiation Centers
  • Unit of Monitoring Dental Offices
  • Unit of Monitoring Rehabilitation Centers
  • Unit of Monitoring Institutions
  • Unit of Monitoring Clinics
  • Unit of Monitoring Injections & Dressings
  •  Unit of Monitoring Drug Abuse Treatment Centers
  • Unit of Monitoring Nutrition & Diet Therapy Centers
  • Unit of Public Complaint Investigation
  • Unit of Monitoring Offices (Opticians, ...)
  • Unit of Monitoring Residential Treatment Centers (Public - Private)

2.     Office of Hospital Accreditation

3.     Department of Licensing


Office of Accreditation

Accreditation is the systematic evaluation of health care settings through specific standards. These standards emphasize the importance of patients and improving their safety in order to reach continuous quality improvement.

Accreditation Officer: Ahmad Mirab

Contact Number: +98 41 333 554 86


Duties & Responsibilities of the Office of Accreditation

  •  Evaluating public, private and charity hospitals and determining the degree of their Evaluation Certificate
  • Evaluating intensive care units of the hospitals and  determining the degree of their Evaluation Certificate
  •  Providing standardization guidelines regarding the criteria for annual evaluation of hospitals and intensive care units to the experts of evaluation team
  •  Notifying hospital authorities through providing them with the exact time of evaluating hospitals and departments
  •  Coordination with the evaluation team and procurement unit for precise implementation of the annual evaluation program
  •  Coordinating and leading the experts of evaluation team in order to implement the provisions of the standard instructions of the Ministry of Health
  • Supervising the implementation of standards put by the Ministry of Health in hospitals
  • Delivering the evaluation results to the unit authorities


Office of Licensing

This office is responsible for the registration and licensing of new medical centers and clinics. The main duty of this office is to legalize the activities of different units through assessing and licensing them. No medical unit or center can start its activity without the formal license of this office.

Officer of Issuing Licenses: Ahdieh Ghiyasi

Tel: +98 41 333 78 697


General Duties of the Office of Licensing

1.     Licensing of public hospitals (university or other government agencies), non-government and private institutions

2.     Licensing of private ambulance services

3.     Licensing of drug abuse treatment centers

4.     Licensing of clinical care settings at home

5.     Licensing of dental clinics

6.     Licensing of limited surgical centers

7.     Licensing of counseling centers and nursing services

8.     Issuing and license extension of injection & dressing centers

9.     Licensing affairs of experimental assistant dentists, dental laboratories, experimental gallows

10. Licensing of eyeglasses centers

11.  Licensing of public and private physiotherapy centers

12.Licensing of rehabilitation and technical orthopedic institutes

13. Licensing of public and private boarding clinics

14.Licensing of specialized center of Occupational Medicine

15.  Licensing of hair and skin clinics

16.  Licensing of non-invasive cardiology clinics

17. Licensing of allergy clinic

18.Licensing of diabetes clinic

19. Licensing of multi-disciplinary pain clinics

20.Licensing of neurology and psychiatry clinics

21.   Licensing of hyperbaric oxygen therapy centers

22. Licensing of medical clinics

23.  Licensing of the centers for health promotion and preventive medicine

24.Licensing of traditional medicine clinics

25.  Licensing of ophthalmology centers

26.  Licensing of multi-disciplinary genetic centers

27.  Electronic extension of the licenses of medical centers

28.   Collecting the revenues to the Ministry of Health


Responsibilities of the Office of Supervision

Office Head: Dr. Sajad Naghipour

Tel: +98 41 333 79 302

Here are some of the most important responsibilities of the office:

1.     Policy making to supervise medical centers

2.     Modifying the standards based on modern scientific findings

3.     Macro planning and operational supervision of the institutions of the province

4.     Organizing and managing supervisors of the institutions

5.     Analyzing the complaints received from the public and private inpatient and outpatient treatment centers

6.     Coordination in supervision tasks

7.     Controlling the supervision tasks of the institutes

8.     Assessing the needs and holding training programs for the experts and target groups

9.     Coordinating and supervising applied researches

10.Teaching and participating in national and provincial seminars, workshops and tutorials

11.Checking the documentation of files related to the supervision of institutions

12.Sending the results of monitoring to the authorities medical institutions

13. Running 1590 telephone system to handle complaints regarding implementation of health development plan

14. Running 1690 telephone system and a website to handle complaints regarding medical services and treatment costs (



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