Vice Chancellor for Food and Drug

 Vice Chancellor for Food & Drug



Dr. Mahboob Nemati

PhD in Food Chemistry and Medical Hydrology

Tel: +98 41 344 24 446

Fax: +98 41 344 29 393




Introduction & History of the Vice Chancellor for Food & Drug:


Following the unification of 3 separate units including drug, food and laboratory departments, the Vice Chancellor for Food and Drug was formally established in 2002. Currently the vice chancellor is running 3 main offices:

1.     Monitoring foodstuffs and cosmetic products

2.     Supervision of medicine and narcotic drugs

3.     Cosmetics & Food Control Laboratory


Objectives, Strategies and Perspective of the Vice Chancellor for Food & Drug


  •   Promoting public health
  •   Increasing the level of food, beverage, and cosmetic security
  •   Improving and facilitating people's access to medicinal services
  •  Gaining customer satisfaction
  •   Increasing supervision level based on people's feedback
  •  Increasing the level of technology and technical knowledge in food and cosmetic production
  •   Increasing applied research


  •  Improving quantitative and qualitative services of food, drug, and cosmetic products
  •   Improving technical and qualitative skills
  •   Developing research unit and improving the quality of information systems
  •   Applying the system of monitoring, supervision and evaluation
  •  Delegating some executive affairs to other units and decentralization in Food and Drug administration


  •  Enhancing the safety of food and cosmetic products
  •   Implementation and development of quality control systems in food and cosmetic factories
  •   Improving the level of quality control laboratories for food products and cosmetic manufactures
  •   Creation of referral laboratories for food and medicine control
  •  Fair distribution of medical services
  •   Improving the culture on drug prescription and rational use of medicines
  •   Organizing and planning educative, informative and research activities to improve food and drug health
  •   Reducing the violations related to food & drug and cosmetic products
  •   Responding to people's legitimate  expectations and improving satisfaction level


Duties & Responsibilities


Among the main responsibilities of the Vice Chancellor for Food & Drug, the following items are of prime importance:

1.     Supervising drug and food production centers

2.     Documentation of laws and regulations

3.     Announcing the approved regulations to the affiliated centers

4.     Improving maintenance methods of drugs and food products

5.     Supervising import and export of food products and drugs

6.     Supervising food and drug laboratories

7.     Conducting research tasks and laboratory investigations to confirm the quality of products

8.     Supervising the drugstores and their performances

9.     Controlling drug needs of affiliated medical centers

10.    Supervising the use of certain drugs and addictive substances

11.   Supplying medical needs of the refractory patients

12. Emergency supply of drugs in times of crisis and unexpected events

13. Providing medicine information to the patients and doctors





Deputy Director of the Supervision Board for Food, Beverage & Cosmetics


Dr. Youssef Ramazani

Tel: +98 41 344 29 394



Perspectives and Objectives:

  •  Qualitative and quantitative improvement of the food and cosmetic products
  •  Increasing financial investment of foreign countries in food and cosmetic production
  •  Increasing community health through training, supervision and control over food and cosmetics production
  • Providing counseling services to the subordinate units
  •  Supervising affiliated units
  • Holding seminars to improve the quality of services
  •  Registering discharge documents


Exports and Imports:

This office has been successful in export affairs. To read more about the activities you can visit following WebPages:



Director of Supervision on Narcotics and Drugs



 Dr. Hassan Aghajani


Tel: +98 41 344 22 443 



Executive and Administrative Experience:

  • Supervisor of Narcotics and Drugs (1996-2001)
  • Head of the Office of Controlled Substances (2001-2004)
  • Head of the office for Supervision on Narcotics and Drugs (2004-2006)
  • Deputy Head of the Vice Chancellor for Food and Drug (2004-2006)
  •  Director of the Office of Monitoring Narcotics and Drugs (2006-…)
  • Member of the Board of Tabriz Medical Council (2006-…)
  • Secretary of Disciplinary Appeals Board of East Azerbaijan Medical Council (2010-…)


This office is in charge of supervising the supply and distribution of medicinal services throughout the province. It is also responsible for policy making on how to distribute certain drugs and controlled substances. Furthermore, this office supervises the performance of pharmaceutical companies and both public & private drugstores. It also tries to improve service quality and public knowledge on logical prescription of drugs.



Manager of Food/Cosmetics Control Laboratory

Dr. Ali Asghar Heydari

Tel: +98 41 344 22 437


This unit runs a total of 12 laboratories including:

1.     Laboratory of Microbiology

2.     Laboratory of Flour, Cereals and Confectionary Products

3.     Laboratory of Color Additives, Oils and Essences

4.     Laboratory of Cosmetics

5.     Laboratory of Milk and Milk Products

6.     Laboratory of Meat Products

7.     Laboratory of Oils and Fats

8.     Laboratory of Device Analysis and Toxicology

9.     Laboratory of Sugar and Sweets

10.Laboratory of Raw Materials, Containers and Packaging

11.Laboratory of Canning and Seasoned Vegetables

12.Laboratory of Histology and Unauthorized Tissues Diagnosis

13.Quality Assurance Unit

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