Vice-chancellor for Education

Vice Chancellor for Education

Name: Dr. Saeed AslanAbadi

Academic Position: Professor of Pediatric Surgery


Tel: +98 41 333 41 289 & +98 41 333 40 003

Address and Contact Info: Ground Floor, No 2 Central Building, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, University Street, Tabriz, Iran



Deputy Vice Chancellor for Education & Director of Postgraduate Studies

Name: Dr. Jalal Hanaee

Academic Position: Professor of Medicinal Chemistry


Tel: +98 41 333 41 289


Dr. Mohammad Barzgar

Director of Medical Education Development Center


Tel: +98 41 333 63 003


Dr. Javid Safa

Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine



Dr. Darioush Sheikhzadeh

Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology




The meaning of education has completely evolved in the recent years. It is no longer a mere transfer of knowledge and experience from one generation to another, but also a device to improve international bonds and share cultural elements.

In this regard and to develop its outstanding rank among medical universities, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences (TUOMS) accepts a number of non-Iranian students (especially those from Islamic countries) in different fields. The aims of this policy are:


  • To compete with the prominent universities of the country and region in terms of quality and knowledge production

  • To introduce TUOMS as one of the top ranking medical centers of the country in international level

  • To develop international relations in scientific and cultural aspects

  • To introduce Iranian culture and talent to the world



The following is a list of objectives to be followed in the VC for Education:


  • supporting talented young Muslim and helping Islamic countries to develop

  • providing appropriate environment for dissemination and development of Iranian-Islamic culture

  • developing scientific and cultural ties with other countries to improve the country's position in international arena

  • introducing TUOMS to the international community

  • competing with other medical universities of the region through an increase in the number of international students 

  •  training committed medical specialists to help scientific self-sufficiency of Islamic countries

  • providing a suitable ground for further introduction of Islamic Republic to the world

  •  expansion of Persian language and literature



1.    Non-Iranian Non-scholarship Students:

These are the students that have got a non-Iranian passport with a valid degree approved by authentic authorities. These students are obligated to pay all the costs of their education and welfare personally, according to the conditions reported by TUOMS officials.

2.    Educational Affairs Management (VC for Education)

A.   setting educational affairs in compliance with the effective regulations

B.   following the required correspondences with relevant authorities pre-study, during and after the study

C.   issuing graduation certificate

3.  International Students Admission Office (Office of International Relations)

A.  receiving and considering primary documents of the applicants

B.   communicating with applicants and providing the needed information

C.   preparation of applicants' files for evaluation in the Select Committee

D.  compiling and proposing admission regulations to the Admission Council

E.   submitting admission reports to the Admission Council

F.    considering the welfare, educational and cultural affairs of non-Iranian students


The Indexes of Non-Iranian Students Admission Council:

1.     the applicant's field must be among the identified priorities

2.     the applicant must have the specific conditions specified in the regulations

3.     the applicant must have other indicators notified by the competent authorities


The Indexes of Educational Departments for Evaluating Postgraduate Applicants:

1.     scientific capability plus educational & research background of the applicant

2.     appropriateness of the applicant's initial field of study to the applied course based on the regulation put by Admission Council

3.     other scientific indexes announced by competent authorities


* The applicants of PhD courses need to gain a minimum point of 60 out of all the indexes (provided that the applicant gets 25 out of 50 points of the educational department's index).



Admission Deadline:

The deadline for delivering applicants' documents per semester is three months prior to the start of the semester based on the educational calendar of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences (semesters start on 23 September & 21 January). Documents submitted after the deadline will be reviewed for next semester.


Admission Requirements:

1. General Conditions:

A.   no legal prohibition to study or reside in Iran

B.   the approval letter of corresponding Ministry of Foreign Affairs

C.   having physical and mental health

D.   having the credentials of previous grades approved by competent authorities

E.    fluency in Farsi or English


2.  Specific Requirements:

Specific eligibility in accordance with notifications put for the admission of domestic students


Admission Process:

After ensuring that the applicants are eligible for admission, the following process is followed:

1.     The International Students Admission Office (ISAO) receives the applicants' documents along with the application form and sends them to the committee of the Policy Council.

2.     After the initial admission, ISAO sends the applicants' documents to Educational Affairs Management of the university. Afterward, the needed papers are sent to the office of students affairs in order to get the verification of the Ministry of Health.

3.     Educational Affairs Management sends the application to ISAO after getting the ministry approval.

4.     ISAO introduces the applicant to the Iranian embassy in the applicant's country to get his/her Student Visa.

5.     After the applicants' arrival in Iran, he/she goes to the Office of the Superintendent of Foreign Students to get a one-year residence permit.

6.     ISAO introduces the applicants to the director of educational affairs for registration. A letter is also sent to the Office of Student Affairs as well as Security Management of the university.

7.     Educational Affairs Management registers the applicant and keeps a copy of the following documents:

-      Confirmation letters of the Ministry and ISAO

-      Previous academic degrees of the applicant sealed by the Embassy of Iran

-      Original degrees (for confirmation)

-      Copies of passport  and student visa

-      Confirmation letter of the vice-chancellor for education regarding tuition payment

-      Correspondences with non-academic organizations

-      Educational papers

-      Visa checks (each semester)

-      Transcript of the students and graduation degree


Admission Capacity:

Maximum capacity of accepting foreign students is up to 20 percent of the annual admission capacity of the university. This capacity is reported to the office of international relations by the vice chancellor for education every year.



Amount of tuition is the same as autonomous branches.

- The tuition fee for all PHD courses is 4000 USD(per year/2 semesters)
- The tuition fee for all MD courses(medicine,pharmacy and dentistry) is 6000 (per year/2 semester)
- The tuition fee for all M.SC courses is 2000 USD(per year/2 semester)
- The tuition fee for persian course is 850 USD (6 months) 
- The accommodation fee for each student per semester  is 500 USD
-  Regarding food, each breakfast meal cost nearly 1 USD and each lunch or dinner costs approximately 2.5 USD




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